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Social Security Disability Attorney

Have you claimed your Social Security Disability benefits, or have they been wrongfully denied?

It is quite natural to feel depressed and distraught in case your social security disability claim has been denied. After all, it is your legal right to receive the benefits and take care of the needs your disabilities stand in the way of! But since most of us are unaware of the social security regulations and the benefits we are entitled to, we end up losing out on many of the advantages designed for us. To help those people with their social security claim and to give them a chance at living life the way they want to, Robert L. Noa, Attorney at Law, has dedicated his service and expertise, to guide such people in appealing for their claim denial, and filing for their social security benefits!

Depending on the age and history of those with disabilities,the government has designed two different social security programs, the Supplemental Security Income program and the Social Security Disability Insurance program, both of which are aimed at offering the applicants benefits and advantages to supplement for their disability, and to help them lead normal lives. To inform the disabled, of their rights and benefits of these programs and to help them privilege from the same, the law office of Robert L. Noa, has extended their helping hands for those in need.

The different benefits under the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI):

If you have been disabled for long and do not have sufficient work credits, even then you can still apply for a social security program. Under the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI), the government offers applicants a monthly federal rate benefit, to supplement their costs of living. The FRB offered to individuals is around $710, while for couples it is around $1066.However, to be eligible for the program and receive the FRB, one must not have income or assets in excess of $2000 ( $3000 for couples). The government tends to looks into the applicants' funds carefully, and in case they find them earning a substantial income, or enjoying free services, it has the right to reduce the FRB. But if you meet the above criteria, benefiting from the SSI program, should not be a problem at all!

The different benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI):

This program is especially designed for those people who have worked for a few years paying their Social Security taxes during that time but have incurred a disability before retirement. To pay back for their service and allow them to lead normal lives, the government has announced the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, under which, such people are given a monthly FRB. However, the rules of application for the SSDI, are more demanding. Every successful applicant to the program, must have acquired some work credits in the last ten years, and must be suffering from a long term disability affecting their work performance. But if you fulfil these criteria, you have no reason to worry, and can start receiving your monthly FRB in just a few months.

In case you have a disability, and are wondering how to benefit from these Social Security Disability Programs, then feel free to visit the office of Robert L. Noa (Boston Social Security Disability Lawyer), and acquaint yourself with all the requirements and benefits under the programs, immediately filing a claim with the help of Robert or his associates.

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