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Common Issues with Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Sometimes problems arise with workers compensation and you do not receive your rightful benefits, the insurance company stops paying you, or the insurance company’s doctor says you are not disabled when you are. When you encounter obstacles with Massachusetts workers compensation, an experienced Boston workers compensation attorney can help. At Robert L. Noa, Attorney at Law, we routinely assist clients with workers comp issues.

Overcoming obstacles in the MA workers comp system

Our firm handles a considerable number of workers comp claims every year. Consequently, we have developed effective legal skills in dealing with a variety of issues, such as the following:

  • Not receiving insurance benefits for a reported injury. After five days of injury that prevent work, your employer has seven days to report your injury to the workers comp insurance company. Under Massachusetts workers compensation laws, the insurance company has 14 days to start paying you benefits or contest the claim. If contested, the insurance company must provide you with its reasons for doing so. Our lawyers can work with you to fill out the proper forms at this point and take action to help you receive your worker comp benefits.
  • Instead of receiving a benefits check, the insurance company sent a notice to have its doctor examine you. You need to get the examination because the insurance company has the right to an independent examination through one of their doctors. However, the insurance company must compensate you for lost wages if the doctor's appointment is during normal work hours. Often an insurance company’s doctor provides evaluations that favor the insurance company rather than your workers comp case. The doctor may say you can return and do light work despite the fact that your job is strictly heavy manual labor and your employer has no light jobs available. Our law firm can take action on your behalf to resolve this issue.
  • Although you have not reached maximum medical improvement, (MMI) the insurance company wants to settle. Maximum medical improvement is a medical evaluation that no further improvement is possible, and doctors then rate the degree of disability. Pushing for early settlement is an insurance company tactic to reduce payouts. Never settle without consulting your lawyer.
  • Discuss workers comp with an experienced attorney

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