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Employers in violation of workers compensation laws

Massachusetts workers comp law obligates employers to pay medical bills and lost wages when employees suffer from work-related injuries or occupational illness. Unfortunately, employees do not always receive their rightful compensation, especially when employers violate the law. Robert L. Noa, Attorney at Law works with employees to protect their rights so they get the compensation they deserve.

Types of workers compensation violations

Employer violations can occur in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Job misclassification. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is an illegal means of avoiding workers comp coverage. Classifying a job as less hazardous may also reduce the amount of coverage. For example, a moving van driver who faces traffic situations has a much more dangerous job than a receptionist does.
  • Falsifying wages. Employers who report lower than actual weekly wage earnings reduce the amount of disability that workers comp pays, since disability payment amounts are wage percentage-based. Calculations for total disability workers are 60 percent of a worker’s average weekly wages.
  • Medical provider schemes. Employers sometimes scheme with medical providers to evaluate less severe conditions or falsely report recoveries. Such schemes can reduce or prematurely discontinue benefits.
  • Offering kickbacks. Employers offer employees co-pay kickbacks for using private health insurance instead of workers comp coverage
  • Bribes for lowball or denied claims. Employers bribe insurance agents to deny employee claims or offer lowball settlements. The agent pockets extra cash while the employee receives reduced or denied benefits
  • Falsifying data. Initially reporting the worker’s injury as less severe can result in insurance company denial of a valid claim.
  • Termination or lay off. Employers may fire or lay off injured workers to avoid paying workers compensation claims.

We have the legal skills to fight violations

Employers may commit violations or hire an investigator to gather evidence to contest your claim. However, an experienced workers comp lawyer in Massachusetts can also investigate and prove that employer violations denied the worker rightful benefits.

Trust a Massachusetts workers comp lawyer to protect your rights

At Robert L. Noa, Attorney at Law, we take Massachusetts workers comp cases on contingency. You owe no fees unless we win the case and your initial consultation to discuss worker comp concerns is free. Call 1-866-785-2958 today or contact us using our online contact form.


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