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Help With Filing a Claim

While workers compensation claims do not require legal representation, the MA Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) recommends that employees seek legal counsel to help protect their rights and interests.  Robert L. Noa helps workers overcome the complexity and hurdles they often encounter with workers comp claims.

Facts about workers comp claims

Whenever a Boston workers compensation lawyer helps a claimant win a case, the law requires the insurer to pay the attorney's fees.  Our firm represents clients based on contingency fees, which means you owe nothing unless we win your case.  A lump sum settlement where the insurance company pays one large amount pays the lawyer a percentage of the recovery, which by law is no greater than 20 percent.

Do you have a claim?

When you suffer a work-related injury or illness and because of it miss five full or partial days at work—and the days do not have to be consecutive—you are eligible for a workers compensation claim.

After employees report an injury, their employers must file a First Report of Injury—Form 101 with the DIA and their workers compensation insurance company within seven days after the fifth day of injury.  When employers fail to file, workers may file the claim themselves, using the Form 110—Employee’s Claim form.

An attorney can offer valuable assistance

An experienced workers comp lawyer has in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the claims process works.  Robert Noa immediately recognizes when an insurance company is unreasonably late with payments or is not paying adequate compensation.  Most importantly, he is prepared to deal with wrongfully denied claims.  Fighting a claim denial requires proper paperwork and submitting medical evidence of injury.  It may lead to a number of workers comp procedural steps, such as the following:

  • Conciliation meeting
  • Conference before an administrative judge
  • Hearing before an administrative judge
  • Reviewing Board (panel of six administrative judges)

Your workers comp attorney argues on your behalf during each step in the process and, if still unable to win the case, may appeal to the Massachusetts Court of Appeals.

Discuss your claim with a lawyer

At Robert L. Noa, Attorney at Law, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your workers comp claim and find out how we can help.  Call 1-866-785-2958 today or contact us using our online contact form.

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