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Massachusetts Workmans Comp Attorney

For twenty years, Robert L. Noa has practiced law in Massachusetts. During this time, he has handled many injury cases, devoting much of his practice to workers compensation law.

Employers’ responsibility to compensate workers

The Massachusetts workers compensation system, established under the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), administers workers compensation laws and oversees claims filed for worker-related injury or illness. All Massachusetts employers must provide workers compensation through an insurer, a membership in a self-insurance group, a surety bond, or by keeping a deposit in the state Workers Compensation Trust Fund.

Historical highlights

Today, people take workers compensation for granted. However, U.S. workers compensation emerged one hundred years ago during challenging economic and industrial times. Massachusetts was the second state to pass a workers compensation law in 1911. When the U.S. federal government deemed that workers compensation should be handled primarily at state levels, state legislatures struggled for several years before finally passing laws. The purpose of workers compensation was to cut down on civil lawsuits, protect both workers and employers, and solve the problems caused by workplace injuries and occupational illness.

Workers compensation is a complicated area of law. We offer further information about workers compensation through a number of our web pages:

Massachusetts workman compensation lawyers can protect your rights

In an effort to increase profits, insurance companies may delay, deny, or try to settle claims when it is not in your best interests. You are at a disadvantage because you do not know the law—what constitutes fair compensation, what tactics the insurance companies employ, or how the system works. A Boston workers compensation lawyer can explain the process, let you know what to expect, and advise the best approach for your case. For example, until your doctor says you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), you should not be involved in settlement negotiations. A premature settlement does not take into account the full extent of your disability.

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